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The Balloon March on Morena

By James LaMattery On September 27th at 10am residents will be conducting a Balloon march along Morena Blvd. Everyone is invited to attend. The march is designed to help our neighbors visualize the height and density impact to our community if we allow the city of San Diego to amend our … [Read More...]



Triathlon is not exactly the Sport of Kings

By Daniel J. Smiechowski What motivates someone in pushing their body to the limit for fifteen hours or more in a single event? Unlike horse racing, this sport appeals to all the Kings subjects. The human mind works in mysterious ways. Triathlon may well be defined as the sport of masochists. Indeed, the sport of […]

Medicating America’s Youth

By Shauna Fisher Today, more than 1 million children take anti-psychotics every year, with under 5 years old being the fastest growing population.  75% of these drugs are used ‘off label’ – not even approved by the FDA for the condition the doctor is treating.  The other class of drugs that is showing rapid growth, […]


View from a room at PLOES

Sensational Syros!

  By Kevin Casillo Syros is one of many Greek islands located in the Cyclades, just south of Athens or as we did, a short ferry ride on the Blue Star Ferry from Mykonos. A Greek island, Syros is located between Paros and Tinos and part of the Cyclades group.  Syros has mostly neo-classical buildings, old […]

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1/2" PVC Tubing with 1/4" holes drilled into it for discharging Gray Water. Drill as many as you need spaced apart for irrigation.

Recycle Your Washing Machine Gray Water…

By Ted Svendsen It is now permissible to use gray water on our yards instead of our very limited municipal water supply for ground cover, plants, shrubs, hedges, trees etc. (Effects on delicate plants, lawns and produce unknown). All you need is a rectangular 30 gallon trashcan (tank) and a low cost 1/3 HP submersible water pump with a […]

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Thad Porlas, the new Head Football Coach at Mesa College

Thad Porlas New Head Football Coach at Mesa College…

The 2014 season brings a new and exciting change to the Mesa College Football program. Under the leadership of newly appointed Head Coach Thad Porlas, a Madison High School alum, the buzz around town is a positive one as the Olympians kick off their season. Coach Porlas heralds a comprehensive and impressive coaching background. He […]


The Rob Stone Sports Scouting Report by Rob Stone Former University of San Diego Torero Zach Walters has been traded from the Washington Nationals to the Cleveland Indians for shortstop Asdrubal Cabrera and is already paying dividends for his new team. Walters, a six-foot-two-inch, 210-pound switch-hitter was acquired by Cleveland on July 31 in a […]

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